ConvergeSE, April 25-27

Check out this great workshop, ConvergeSE, that takes place in beautiful springtime in Columbia, South Carolina! TM Floyd & Company is proud to be the Day 1 lunch sponsor for this exciting event.

Over the course of three days you can dive into intense half and full day sessions, hop from venue to venue downtown taking in sessions on topics from design and development to business and marketing, and finally experience a full day of inspirational talks from an impressive array of speakers. In between all of that, we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and party with the speakers and other attendees.

Check out the full schedule especially Thursday’s awesome full day workshops.

This year we’re focusing on five areas. This captures the essence of Converge in that we want you to experience all of these, regardless of what you may do from day to day.


Learn what it means to be a designer facing today’s challenges. Explore the responsive design landscape, sharpen your prototyping design skills and explore web typography.

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Front-end Development

Dive into CSS with animations and some other killer techniques. Then get some in-depth experience exploring the responsive landscape as it relates to JavaScript and other performance issues.

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Learn how to create Node.js backend systems and how to utilize CoffeeScript in your next project. Take a look at best practices for Integrating Identity Into Your App(s) and discover the advantages of a single programming language for web development.

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Explore RubyMotion and learn how to built apps with this revolutionary toolchain for iOS. Also uncover how to create an immersive mobile experience with your app.

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{e} house studio

Business & Marketing

Take a look at branding yourself and learning to balance clients and products in your business. Learn to break the rules you’ve setup for yourself and close more sales as well as ways to uncover new projects. Also, learn to look forward to Monday!


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