TM Floyd & Company’s Dave McCord to speak at 2011 NCHICA Annual Conference

Challenges Faced by Payers and Providers in Leveraging ICD-10

This session focuses on lessons learned during ICD-10 readiness assessments. The session drills down into the compliance process and shows how payers and providers can transform their compliance efforts into efforts for improving outcomes and achieving short- and long-term competitive advantages. Areas to be addressed include: how the development of payer policies, procedures, and processes for using ICD-10 will affect provider reimbursement; how crosswalks and mappings are actually used as a tool in implementing ICD-10; and how payers setting reimbursements under ICD-10 equivalent to reimbursements under ICD-9 (reimbursement neutral) may cause care disruptions. This session will focus on business issues and how ICD-10 will impact business users.

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the advantages ICD-10 can provide and the challenges faced by payers and providers in leveraging ICD-10.
  • Explain how to apply lessons learned by other providers and payers to better leverage ICD-10.

Presenter: Dave McCord, PMP, Senior Executive Healthcare Consultant, TM Floyd & Company